Using Banks and Bank Accounts/Protecting assets


I'm retired with modest means'
Have heard that U.S. dollar will lose it's status as
dominant reserve currency.
  Do you know anything about this?  Should I be worried?
I do a little trading in the stock market, but am very careful.
   I try to protect what assets I have.
I know this is a complicated question.
   Anything you can tell me?
         Should I hire you?
What do you think?

Thanks          Dick

You are asking about "asset protection" in the context of financial protection. A very very very important issue, but not what I deal with. I help people protect theirs assets from law suites and liabilities.

However, I too share your concerns, and I am struggling to fine a way to to balance the risks against the rewards. Right now the market is going up, and to miss out on that would be foolish. But to lose everything because you do not hedge your bets with gold, other precious metals, and other assets that may do better in a crisis is also foolish. I think the best course is to find a balance.

Good luck. Let me know if you figure it out!

Using Banks and Bank Accounts

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I am a U.S. attorney with offices in the United States and Belize. I have experience helping to protect assets, reduce taxes, and improve investment performance by utilizing global investment techniques.

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