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Using Lotus Notes/Lotus Notes Mailin database


Phil wrote at 2007-05-16 04:47:54
I think I have this same issue. As I'm only allowed to answer here I will post our work around.

We use an R5 Mail template for our mail-in databases this allows you to select the Mail-In Database document (from the NAB) as the Owner of the Mailfile. (In the Mail database Inbox go to ->Tools ->Preferences ->Mail ->Basics ->User Configuration "This mail file belongs to: Mail-In Database Name").

R7 Mail templates however do not allow you to do this with the error "The owner's name must be entered in Hierarchical format, because the current user's ID is hierarchical (current ID is user/site/domain)." I wish I could change to an ID that isn't hierarchical!

Marieke wrote at 2009-01-07 13:02:36
Put the right sender name here:

1. Open your mailin database

2. if database is based on mail template:

Click the Tools button (the one on the right, in the mail box) and choose Preferences.

3. Click the "Mail" tab and then " Basics" tab.

Enter the owner of the database.  

Guy Musing wrote at 2012-11-20 10:08:50
A Lotus mail-in database is not tied to a Lotus Notes user ID.

You get the "sent by" when you send it to another Lotus notes user.  When you send it over the internet to a hotmail, gmail,etc account, the sent by is not shown.

The only way to permanently remove the sent by is to create a non-human account (a notes mail file with a Notes ID) that has the name of the mail-in database.

With non-human accounts there is no sent by, because it has a user ID and mails are sent using this user ID (which is not the case for mail-in database, since they don't have an ID)

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