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Using Lotus Notes/exporting from lotus notes to word


John Park wrote at 2012-12-05 07:32:15
No need more scripting knowledge and you can convert nsf to pst. Read post

Using Lotus Notes

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Tomasz Frydryk


I have over 10 years experience with Lotus Notes and Lotus Workflow. I`m specialized in programing Workflow aplications and cooperation between Lotus Notes and another aplications and systems. I have experiences with Lotus Connectors (DB2 and SAP), ODBC and COM integration. I`ve worked with windows based systems as well as with Linux, UNIX (e.i. HPUX) and AS400. Of cuorse I am CLP certificated person. I am able to speak (not ever errorfree, but with two-side understanding) polish, englich, german and russian.


Lotus Notes, Lotus Workflow, integration with another systems with Conectors, ODBC, COM.
I do not have a lot to do with Java, almost nothing with JavaScript and WEB aplications.

Polish Social-Democratic Party, Mensa.

University Master Degree in Mechanical Ingeneering,
University Master Degree in Marketing and Management,
Post-Graduate Studies in Banking,
Now I am working about obtaining a doctorate in economics.

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