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Herm wrote at 2009-05-07 21:14:27
Not to be contentious but I've seen cases in 2003 and 2007 where some propagation of changes DID occur, but right now, in my old db that is now in 2007 format, propagation does not work on two different PCs.  That is, changing the table name via rename does not propagate to the make table query that makes it or other queries that use it.  Some there is something more to this.

Den wrote at 2014-11-23 18:18:09
I am using Access 2010 and note that changing a table name does NOT propagate to fields created in a query referencing that table. For example, I have a comparison function referencing the renamed table that returns a value to a subform. I needed to manually change the name of the table to the new name.

Hope this helps someone.


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