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Is it possible, using vba, to insert a hyperlink into the body of an outlook email? I have a hidden hyperlink field on my form that has the path to the database I am working on. What I would like is for the hyperlink address in that field to show up at the bottom of the body of the email I am sending out. I have tried
Dim sHyperlink as Hyperlink
sHyperlink = http:\\(path to db)
then adding sHyperlink to the end of the message body. I have tried just adding the hyperlink to the end of the message body with http:<\\(path to db). I even tried adding [Forms]![frmPIRissue]![txtHyperlink]
The best I have had happen so far is that the path shows up, but not as a hyperlink.
I'm starting to wonder if this is even possible.
Thanks for any help you can give.

First, it will only work if you have HTML mail enabled AND the recipient does as well.

Second, you may have to use Office Automation to generate such an e-mail.

This may help:

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