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I have a database in Access and i have an id_pl which type is a number. But when the number is more than 8 digits dont filter with the rest of the number.

I want to filter this number 500028304 and print all number that have 500028. I only need the first number not all.

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First a number datatype has a sub type, so you need to know what that is. Some subtypes are long integer, integer, double, single, etc.

If it is a number data type, then you would need to set the criteria to:

BETWEEN 500028304 AND 500028999

Is there a reason this is a number? Generally you would only use a number data type, if you will be doing math with the value. However, if this will be a key field a number will perform better.

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You gave very little information and I provided the best answer I could based on the information you provided.  

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