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I work with reports in Ms Access and in bill-report which I use for all bills in my system I need to change a field. I have a table which 'Subject' is one of its column and the value for all records is 0.00 and it means that in bill-report it shows me  0.00
for all.

Subject_bill:      0.00

But now I need to change it for special Subject, for example for
Subject = 795  will show me  347.00 in bill-report :

Subject_bill       347.00

Could you help me how I should change the report?

ANSWER: Shouldn't this change be made on the table level? I would run an Update query that would look like this:

UPDATE table SET Subject_bill=347 WHERE Subject = 795;

If you only want to do this on the report, then you would change the Controlsource for the Subject_bill Control on the report to:


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---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you Scott. I used the second solution and changed the report but when I tried to open the report for all bills it showed me a little message box that I should to enter the Subject(for example 795) in the field and then Ok and it showed me the report. But everyday I work with more than 60-80 bills and can not to enter Subject for all of them.

Could you help me how to change it?And why it shows me this box?

I'm a little unclear here. Is it only this one Subject that has a different bill or does each subject have its own bill?

As for being prompted, that generally means you are reference a variable that Access can't find so it assumes you want to enter it at runtime. So Subject is probably not the name of a control on your report or maybe not the right fieldname.

Hope this helps,
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