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QUESTION: Hi,  I am currently working on an Inventory database where there are deliveries, distributions and transfers between multiple warehouses across the company. We currently have a separate from for each type of movement to update a table called Movement. What I would like to do for transfers, is create a from where we could do a transfer from one warehouse and a transfer to the other warehouse and have it update the movement table with both records instead of having to do 2 different transactions.  I have limited knowledge working with code, but I'm learning.  Any help that you could provide would be appreciated.

ANSWER: I need to know the structure of the Movement table. It may not be necessary to have two records. Also how do you handle reporting on current inventory?

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---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: The structure of the table is like this:
ID    Shipment ID   Date   Boxes   Movement   Warehouse
54433   3445   12/18/2012   2   TransferTo   Toronto
54432   5210   12/18/2012   -2   TransferFrom   Ottawa

We must have 2 records.

It would be easier to do both halves of the transfer on one form.

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Frankly, I would be more inclined to use one record. Since you can always get the previous action, you can use that to determine the from location.

But, I would use an unbound form here. I would have controls on that form to enter the ShipmentIDs (ShipTo and ShipFrom), date (ShipDate), # of boxes (Boxes), sending location (cboSendWH) and receiving location (cboReceiveWH). The names of the controls are within the parrentheses. Then add a button that would populate the tables. The code behind that button would look like this:

Dim strSQL As String

strSQL = "INSERT INTO Movement (ShipmentID, ShipDate, Boxes, Movement, Warehouse) " & _
         "VALUES(" & Me.ShipTo & ", #" & Me.ShipDate & "#, " & Me.Boxes & ", 1" & _
         ", " & Me.cboReceiveWH & ");"
CurrentDB.Execute strSQL, dbFailOnError

strSQL = "INSERT INTO Movement (ShipmentID, ShipDate, Boxes, Movement, Warehouse) " & _
         "VALUES(" & Me.ShipFrom & ", #" & Me.ShipDate & "#, " & Me.Boxes * -1 & ", 2" & _
         ", " & Me.cboSendWH & ");"
CurrentDB.Execute strSQL, dbFailOnError

Note: I'm assuming everything but the date is a numeric value. And that a Transfer To movement = 1 and Transfer From = 2. I'm also assuming that the warehouse is selected from a combo box that lists the warehouses from a table of warehouses.

Also this form would only be used to enter new transfers.

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