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I am wondering about setting up an email notification or reminder based on a due date in Access 2010.  My database includes annual fire inspections for buildings, and I want to be able to send a reminder to the inspector when the next yearly inspection is due.   I know about setting up a query to show those dates, but not sure of the next step.

Please advise.  Thank you in advance for your help.  Velma

Well, I cover sending email in my Access 329 class and Security Seminar. I'm also preparing a new seminar that will be coming out in the next month or so that explains how to send email with Access WITHOUT using Outlook.

In any case, what you basically need to do is create a query showing the people who need to get notices. Easy enough. Then, you'll need to take that query and loop through all of the records using something called a RECORDSET, sending an email to each person as you go.

I can't think of a NON-programming way to do this, but it's not that much code (less than 20 lines). Hope this helps.

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