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I need help add the below queries. what is the criteria,or of to run the query.

The customer number, order number, and order date for all orders shipped on a date that  is entered from the keyboard.

The name, unit price, and quantity ordered for all products purchased by a customer whose ID is entered from the keyboard

Hi Latoya,

In your query, under the field for Shipped date, in the row "Criteria" type in this (including the brackets):

[Enter shipped date:]

Now when you run the query, a small window will appear and it will ask you to enter the shipped date. When you enter the date, the query will run and pull all records that belong to that shipped date.

This kind of query is called parameter query.

You do similar thing for your second query. in the criteria for CustometID, you type in this:

[Enter Customer ID]

I hope this helps.


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