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I have created an Access database for my patients with two tables, one with the patient's personal info and another with their examination results. On the table with the info I've included a field 'examination date' but what if a patient has more than one examinations on different dates? Could you tell me how to fix my database to cover that as well?

Hi Eirini,

The right way to do that is using relationship.
On the table with presonal information, you need to define the primary key on "Employee_ID", if you have a field like that. Well, you can create one. The unique employee_id will help you in the long run. On the table with exam results, you need to define the primary key on "Employee_ID", If you don't have the field you can add it. Then open relationship window, and connect the "Employee_ID" field in the two tables and save your relationship. Now your database is ready to run queries that will pull all exam results for your employees. Just remember to add the joins in the queries too.

If the above seems complicated, then just build a new query with the two tables. Join the two tables on the common fields to make unique records in the result set. Look for help in the help topics on how to do joins in the query.

I hope this helps.


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