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Hi Scott,

Following our previous correspondence I can happily add bookings to TblBookings.

The problem lies in the situation I have which is in no way efficient, in that TblBookings contains an entry for every room for every day, for the next year, with the GuestID 999999 - that's over 25,000 entries sitting doing nothing!!.

As it works at the moment, if when I check the dates for a room number, and the GuestID 999999 is true, then the room is 'available'

I want to be able to code a ComboBox to look at the TblBookings with only valid genuine bookings (and hence strip out the 25,000 idle records), see if a room type is available between two dates, and return the list of room numbers for that room type if no clashes exist.

I know it's a possible scenario, it's just I don't know how to structure the code behind the combo button, or whether I would need any queries to filter the records.   I can happily build queries to find records, I just don't know how to build queries to exclude existing records.

Tables involved:

DepartDate -1 (as the room is available on the depart date for the next guest)


So, if a Room Type ([RmCode]) is SRGT (ten rooms in total, 201 thru 210), and there are bookings between 10-Jan-2013 and 12-Jan-2013 in TblBookings for some of thiose rooms but not all, I'd like the rowsource for the Combo Box to be a list of all the available rooms.   Phew!

Which direction should I head first please?

many thanks in anticipation


You have picked one of the hardest applications to develop. A hotel bookings database is not an easy task.

The way I would do this is to have a record for each room for each day of a reservation. So if a room is booked for 5 days, you create 5 records. This can easily be automated so you aren't actually entering 5 records. So I would have 2 tables TblBookings which has the basic info about a booking and TblBookedDates whihc has a record for each date a room is booked.

Once you have this, you can find all rooms free on a date using a subquery. Something like:

WHERE RmNumber NOT IN(SELECT RmNumber FROM tblBookedDates WHERE StayDate = x);

Hope this helps,
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