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"I created two tables, employees and customers, an example of what I want to do an employee goes every Monday and Thursday by a customer for four hours each time, I would like to create a form that generates these visits throughout the year in order to have a new table with all employee hours in the days that go by the customer and therefore total hours ...
Thanks for your help "

Hi Drago,

The easy way to do what you want is to use the Form Wizard. The Form Wizard is under Create/Forms/More Forms.

Just use the wizard to create a form that will use data from one of the tables. Then open the design view for the form and start making changes. You can add text boxes, combo boxes, check boxes, subforms, etc. to the form to make it pretty and interactive.

In the form you can have buttons to reset/save what you entered.

I hope this helps you in moving forward.



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