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I have an access data base that I use to record training records for my company.  My computer crash and I losts my most recent files, but I had backup image of the data base from the previous month. I want to update the back database to reflect the newest records (approximately 80 of them).

There are about 6 tables that need to be updated.  I stated with the first one, called "tblroster." I exported the table (tblroster) as an excel spreadsheet. I tried to import the table to the backup database but it says it will not overwrite the existing table. I tried to append the back up database with the new table and selected not to duplicate records, still it will not import the records.

I do not know what I am doing wrong. This should have been an easy fix.

Please help.

Why not just replace your production back end with the backed up copy?

If you only need to update certain tables, open the back end, and use the External Data function to connect to the back up file and copy the tables needed. This will add them with a 1 at the end. After you make sure they are correct. Delete the original and rename the added tables to remove the 1.

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Sorry, but since you didn't specify which version of Access you were using I couldn't be specific as to how to use the External data feature. But I do this ALL the time. When I need to copy a table from one database to another, I use this feature and it adds the table with a 1 at the end of the name.

Linking or importing the table, then using an Append query to add the records you need is another method, but you were unclear whether you need to restore from backup or what happened to your back end. So I didn't offer that method.

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