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Hi Scott,

I haven't done this for years, so completely forgotten.

I have a text field [MissingFilter] which I use as the RowSource for ListBox [ContentsList].

This is the code for the rowsource:
SELECT TblRmContents.ServiceDescription, TblRmContents.ServiceCode FROM TblRmContents;

What I would like to do is have Listbox [ContentsList] whittle down the choices as I type something into the text field {Missing Filter]

As in, if I type "b" the Listbox choices are reduced to all items starting with the letter B; if I continue to type, it whilttles down further, so by then typing "u", my list is narrowed down to anything starting with "bu", and so on.

I tried using a query as the row source, with this as the sql:

SELECT TblRmContents.ServiceDescription, TblRmContents.ServiceCode
FROM TblRmContents
WHERE (((TblRmContents.ServiceDescription) Like ([forms]![FrmAddRmServices]![MissingFilter])*"*"));

and on the text box added an event procedure to refresh on Key Down (didn't work), Key Press (didn't work) and gave up not knowing where to go next :)

Am I close?

thanks in anticipation


Use the On Change event of the text box.

Me.listbox.RowSource = "SELECT ServiceDescription, ServiceCode " & _
"FROM TblRmContents " & _
"WHERE (((ServiceDescription) Like " & Me.[MissingFilter]) & "'*'));"

Hope this helps,
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