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QUESTION: Access 2007, I have an append query that I only want to append certain records at a time out of the table.  I would like to set a parameter in the append query that would work something like  Between PaymentID and PaymentID - PaymentID field is an autonumber in the table.  So when I run the append query I am only appending the PaymentIDs that I designate and not the other PaymentIDs which I would have already appended.  And I can't delete the previously appended PaymentIDs for audit purposes.  I can't seem to get the Parameter to work properly for some reason.

ANSWER: Can you post the SQL for your query. Do you want to filter for a range of IDs or only for selected ones.

Also, why are you doing this? I'm assuming that the table records payments. Why would you want these records in another table?

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QUESTION: I want a parameter that will ask for between PID # and PID # (a range)

Doing this because bossman wants to approve/double check payment data entry before it goes into the Master Payments table.

Here is the Append query sql

INSERT INTO Payments ( [CONTACT ID NUMBER], [Payment Data Entered By], DatePaymentEntered, PaymentAmount, [FORM OF DONATION], CheckNumber, DateDonorWroteCheck, [AIRCRAFT TAIL NUMBER], DirectFundsTo, [SPECIFIC PROJECT DESCRIPTION], HonoreeSalutation, HonoreeFirstName, HonoreeLastName, HonoreeState, HonoreeCity, HonoreeStreet, HonoreeZip, Sal1, FirstName1st, LastName1st, Street1St, City1St, State1St, Zip1St, Sal2, FirstName2nd, LastName2nd, City2nd, Street2nd, State2nd, Zip2nd, Sal3, FirstName3nd, LastName3rd, Street3nd, City3nd, State3rd, Zip3nd, Sal4, FirstName4th, LastName4th, Street4th, City4th, State4th, Zip4th, CODE, COMMENTS, CreditCardType, [EBAY Donation], [EXP DATE], [Item Description], TotalOfPledge, [SPECIAL EVENT BOX], [PAYMENT ID], [SPECIFIC PROJECT BOX], [STOCKS-BONDS], CashFormOfDonation, Memorial, DesignationOfDonationTo, LetterSent, LetterSentBy, DateLetterSent, AuditBy, AuditDate, PaymentDate, [Membership Donation], [DONOR DONATION], [Memorial Donation], Honorarium, [TYPE OF DONATION], [Matching Gift Company Name], [Name of Event], [Date OF Event], EID, [BoD Invitee] ) IN 'F:\SQL databases\Contacts 3.6.2010_be.accdb'
SELECT [DPS Payments].[CONTACT ID NUMBER], [DPS Payments].[Payment Data Entered By], [DPS Payments].DatePaymentEntered, [DPS Payments].PaymentAmount, [DPS Payments].[FORM OF DONATION], [DPS Payments].CheckNumber, [DPS Payments].DateDonorWroteCheck, [DPS Payments].[AIRCRAFT TAIL NUMBER], [DPS Payments].DirectFundsTo, [DPS Payments].[SPECIFIC PROJECT DESCRIPTION], [DPS Payments].HonoreeSalutation, [DPS Payments].HonoreeFirstName, [DPS Payments].HonoreeLastName, [DPS Payments].HonoreeState, [DPS Payments].HonoreeCity, [DPS Payments].HonoreeStreet, [DPS Payments].HonoreeZip, [DPS Payments].Sal1, [DPS Payments].FirstName1st, [DPS Payments].LastName1st, [DPS Payments].Street1St, [DPS Payments].City1St, [DPS Payments].State1St, [DPS Payments].Zip1St, [DPS Payments].Sal2, [DPS Payments].FirstName2nd, [DPS Payments].LastName2nd, [DPS Payments].City2nd, [DPS Payments].Street2nd, [DPS Payments].State2nd, [DPS Payments].Zip2nd, [DPS Payments].Sal3, [DPS Payments].FirstName3nd, [DPS Payments].LastName3rd, [DPS Payments].Street3nd, [DPS Payments].City3nd, [DPS Payments].State3rd, [DPS Payments].Zip3nd, [DPS Payments].Sal4, [DPS Payments].FirstName4th, [DPS Payments].LastName4th, [DPS Payments].Street4th, [DPS Payments].City4th, [DPS Payments].State4th, [DPS Payments].Zip4th, [DPS Payments].CODE, [DPS Payments].COMMENTS, [DPS Payments].CreditCardType, [DPS Payments].[EBAY Donation], [DPS Payments].[EXP DATE], [DPS Payments].[Item Description], [DPS Payments].TotalOfPledge, [DPS Payments].[SPECIAL EVENT BOX], [DPS Payments].[PAYMENT ID], [DPS Payments].[SPECIFIC PROJECT BOX], [DPS Payments].[STOCKS-BONDS], [DPS Payments].CashFormOfDonation, [DPS Payments].Memorial, [DPS Payments].DesignationOfDonationTo, [DPS Payments].LetterSent, [DPS Payments].LetterSentBy, [DPS Payments].DateLetterSent, [DPS Payments].AuditBy, [DPS Payments].AuditDate, [DPS Payments].PaymentDate, [DPS Payments].[Membership Donation], [DPS Payments].[DONOR DONATION], [DPS Payments].[Memorial Donation], [DPS Payments].Honorarium, [DPS Payments].[TYPE OF DONATION], [DPS Payments].[Matching Gift Company Name], [DPS Payments].[Name of Event], [DPS Payments].[Date OF Event], [DPS Payments].EID, [DPS Payments].[BoD Invitee]
FROM [DPS Payments];

OK, so you are doing your data entry to a temporary table, then moving the approved transactions to the master table? That makes sense.

So what I would do, is create a form with two text boxes: txtStart and txtEnd. Then add a button to run the query. Add the following criteria to your query. In the PID column:

BETWEEN Forms!formname!txtStart AND Forms!formname!txtEnd

Use the actual formname.

Hope this helps,
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