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Using MS Access/Access 2007 labels feature


I have created a labels report on Access 2007 based on a query but for some reason the "Journal Title" field keeps returning the original ID# from my original table, instead of the text from the report which is what I want displayed (see red highlights).  Please note I am sending an image from my home computer which only has Access 2000, so that is why the difference, but the problem exists on both.  How can I get the labels to display the same text (Journal Title) which is shown on the "Find duplicates for RECEIVED..." query?

Hi Brian,

Many thanks the question.

I could not see an uploaded image, so not sure what happened to it.

So I am taking a punt here.

The most likely problem is that the field you are using on the report, is a lookup field (i.e. drop down box), that displays the Journal Title, thus it is linked to the underlying table and this is done by the ID field.  Thus why the ID field is displaying.

You can solve this problem, by adding the table that has this data in it.  Then adding the 'real' journal title, to your query.

Hope this makes sense.  If not, or if it does not solve your problem, try uploading the image again.


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