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Hi Scott,

I want to be able to use three separate Combo boxes, each obviously with their own criteria, but on AfterUpdate of any one of them, the Listbox [ListStkCode] on the form shows different results.  

Example, [CboCategory] AfterUpdate (clicking on "Sundry") would show records in [ListStkCode] of any and all records in TblProducts, where the category is "SUNDRY";
or [CboSupplierID] AfterUpdate would then list all products from TblProducts, supplied by a selected SupplierID - and supersede any choice made in [CboCategory].

ListStkCode = select all from TblProducts where CboCategory = sundry


ListStkCode = Select all from TblProducts where CboSupplierID = JoeCitizen.

If you can help me with the syntax for one [Cbowhatever], then I am sure I can get the other ones to sync too:)

thanks in anticipation

This is a standard technique referred to as cascading or synchronized combos. A search on either of those terms should find plenty of documentation on how to do it. Essentially it means  setting the RowSource of one list control after a selection is made in a different one.

So your After Update event would look something like this:

Me.ListStkCode.RowSource = "SELECT ProductID, ProductName FROM TblProducts WHERE Category = " & Me.cboCategory & ";"


Remember to adjust for the correct datatypes. I'm assuming that cboCategory is returning a numeric category code not the text description.

Hope this helps,
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