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QUESTION: how do i creat a report in access that has 20 lines numbered 1 -20 like on  a pre-printed report, and when the records are entered it fill in each line. if there are only three records then the last 17 lines will be blank, but the grid will still be there.  hope this makes since if not i can send you the program to look at.
thanks for your help


Many thanks for the question.

I have never found it very successful, playing around with reports and lines/grids/tables, so now no longer persist down this tack.  Instead, I create a Word template, with the table and headings etc pre-populated, then I use code to write to this table.

Therefore to do what you ask, set up a Word Document, exactly how you want it.  Add any headings, the table, with the number of rows and columns you want. Then save it as a Word Template, not as a Word document.  If you do not know how to do this, then let me know.

Once you have done that let me know.  Also let me know:

1. If you will add the numbers 1-20 into the word template, thus they will always be displayed whether there is data or not.  Or we can add the numbers using code, and just add as many as you need.  Let me know which you prefer.

2. How many columns there will be.

3. Will there be headings on the columns.

4. Your knowledge of VBA coding, to see how much detail I need to go into to explain the coding to you.  It does not matter if you have not done any VBA coding before I can easily step you through it.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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master ducate list
master ducate list  
QUESTION: i attached a copy of the word template i created, i used excel to create the grid


Thanks for the image.  

The top information (Date, Location) and bottom information (cannot quite read the info), will also need to be in a table if you wish populate using VBA code.

There is also another table at the bottom, did you want this populated as well or will this be done manually?

You did not mention yur knowledge of VBA, if you could let me know, that would be great.

Also what version of Microsoft you are using.

Also where is the information coming from?  A table or query?  If you could let me know the names of the table/query and the names of the fields (I am presuming the will be same/similar to the image, but unfortunately I cannot read them in the image)

Is the top/bottom information (date and location) from the same table?  A different table or will you add it in manually.

If you could let me know the answer to these questions that would be great.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: i do not know VBA
i am using access 2007

the followings colums will be polualted by VBA
these are the headings in the table.
CDC #,
last name,
DPP Code,
[housing,bunk] these two fields populate the housing field on the form.

on the template in word i used excell to create the table, the word template is called. MASTER DUCATE TEMP.DOTX

the rest will be populated manually.
would it be easier if i sent you the access progam?

Hi Ron,

Maybe quicker, to send the database to me.  Best to upload it to dropbox.

If you go to my site > Resources > Contact me, and fill in the details

I will get an email with your email address, then I can share a dropbox folder to you, where you can upload the database.


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