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Using MS Access/Access query prompt with a default to all


I'm trying to use a basic Nz([Enter value (or Enter for all)], xxx) but cannot work out what to put into xxx to get it to return all rows when the entry is null. It just returns no rows. Is there a way? I've tried Like "*", Like "[a-z]" ...

Hi Adam,

Many thanks for the question.

I hope I have understood your question correctly.

I would suggest trying the IIF function, rather than the Nz function.  You are on the right track with Like and "*"

The IIF function asks the following:

if expression = true then do this, if not do that

IIF(Expression, True part, False part)

So your criteria would look like this:

Like IIf([Enter Value (or Enter for all)] Is Not Null,[Enter Value (or Enter for all)],"*")

Hope this does the trick.

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