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Using MS Access/disable a form an a specific time


QUESTION: How to disable MS access form after certain duration
Dear sir,
I want to disable a ms access form on a specified time.
Any idea?
thank you

ANSWER: What do you mean by specified time? Shut down the form after a certain hour of the day? Disable the database after a certain number of days? I need more information.

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QUESTION: hy, i mean that i want that at a given day (example: on 01/01/2014)
i want the ms access project to stop working(no user can access it except me as administrator and i can change the stopping date) like this at the end of the year he need me to open the project for the following year.

You could put a little code in the OnOpen event of a form:

If Date() > #1/1/2014# then

Then do whatever you want: shut down Access, pop up a warning message, close the form, etc. Of course if your database isn't properly SECURED then the user can just bypass your startup form/macro and remove that code. I show how to lock down and secure your database in my ACCESS SECURITY SEMINAR.

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