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I work for a company that makes parts for other companies.  We use Access to keep track of the parts each company requests. I am a beginner to intermediate Access user who recently started.

When I put a part number in, the corresponding company automatically shows up.  My superior would like the same result for another field, called Revisions.  How do I link one field to show a result when I type in another field?

I have attached an image of a blank form for reference.  Thank you.

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for the question.

I need a bit more information to answer your question.  Could you send me an image of the underlying query, that provides the data for this form.

I am presuming the previous developer, set up the query in such a way, that the fields required were automatically populated when the number was added, but I need to see this query to know for sure.  

Also...just to check,
1. Do you want information for Revisions, to come up when the number is entered, or will you be typing something else into another field.
2. On the form, I cannot see Company, is that the same as Customer
3. Where do you type the number, that displays the company information, on this form or on the main menu.

If you could step me through exactly what you want, what fields you are talking about and what tables/queries they come from.  I should be able to help, unfortunately I do not have enough information to assist at the moment.


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