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For a multi-field search form, I'm trying to create a Min and Max range for values to search for; However, I don't want want those values to be used as a search criteria if they are left blank. I got the search to work by using the BETWEEN/AND function, but if I use the Like "*" & argument, it will not work for numbers.

How can I fix this?

My criteria is as follows:
BETWEEN [Forms]![SearchF]![MinValue] AND [Forms]![SearchF]![MaxValue]

You can try to wrap your criteria inside of an IIF function to check whether or not the form fields have values, but this gets REAL complicated. The best solution is to write a custom SQL statement in VBA to set the criteria on your form. Something like:

IF ISNULL(Forms!MyForm!StartDate) THEN
MyForm.Recordsource = "SELECT * FROM MyTable WHERE [criteria without dates]"
MyForm.Recordsource = "SELECT * FROM MyTable WHERE [criteria with dates]"

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