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I have an ACCESS databse with 8 data tables. Wrote about 12 SQL script that generate some report.

Need a way to have a user-friendly interface that takes a couple user input then execute some of the above scripts and display result to be copied or viewed by the user. What is my option. Is VBA the right thing? How can I pass the user input to the SQL script and get executed? Never did user interface for ACCESS, need some direction.
Thank you.   Mort Hashemi

While you may need some VBA, you can do this simply with Forms.

I'm not clear what you mean by SQL script. Within Access there are query objects that are SQL statements that can be run or used as the source of reports. If all you currently do is generate reports, well that is all you need to run the SQL behind the reports.

To get the data into your tables or edit the data, simple use the Form wizard to create your forms. You can use mainform/subform combinations depending on your data structures.

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