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QUESTION: I would be thankful for any help!

However, Iím a complete beginner. I have data in MS Word Formant and I want it to enter in MS Access Format. I m confused what tables order should be the best. The detail of my data column is as under:
1.Product Name       2. Register Name    3. Register Page No.    4. BillNo.
5. Bill Date         6. Supplier Name    7. Quantity   
8. Product Specification.    9. Price Per Unit    10. Amount.   11. Total Qty.
12. Issued to       13. Room No.       14. Product Disposal       15. Disposal Date
16. Qty Current Balance. 17. Remarks.

ANSWER: For a proper relational database you need several tables. At least a Product table, a supplier table, and Order and Order detail tables. You may also need a Register table (not sure what Register refers to).

If you describe what you app is and what the data represents, I can be more specific.

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QUESTION: thanks sir for ur reply..
i am working at store. Actually i have many stock register like Fixed assets register,stationery register & electric register etc. my data is in ms word format which consists of above mentioned columns and i want to re-enter it in access database format.
my Question is what tables order would suit me? or how can i make my tables?

Ok, I suggest you get a copy of the Northwinds sample database from Microsoft's site. It will give you a sample of an order entry database.

You need the tables I suggested and a Register table, (still not clear on what that is). I would suggest converting your Word document to an Excel table, then importing that in Access. Use the Table Analyzer and let Access recommend a structure. You will then need to run a series of Append queries to get the data from what you have into normalized tables.

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