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I currently have a table in access and a bunch of queries connected with this table.  But now I had to add columns and change column titles to the table and none of the queries will update automatically with these kinds of changes.  Is there a way I can change all 90 of my queries without having to remake them all?

You must have an older version of Access because the newer versions will automatically update your forms, reports, and queries when you change the name of a field in a table (I know Access 2013 does this, at least, and I'm pretty sure 2010 and 2007 do as well).

An experienced Access programmer could write some VBA code to programmatically replace all of the text of one field name to another field name in the SQL statements behind your queries... but that's a pretty advanced move. Sorry.

What you COULD do is put the table names BACK the way they were, UPGRADE to Access 2013, and THEN make the changes. All your queries should update.

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