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Any help would be really great!

I have an access database where I have one column containing a location ID, and another column containing a value (corresponding to the location). So say Col A (location id) and Col B (value). The location IDs are unique identifiers something like, NW-01-01, NW-01-02, SE-03-05,SE-04-02.

There are over 2000 data entries. I was asked to provide the value (in Col B) for 80 random site IDs (column A). Someone told me that I can do a calculation in Access (or via export to excel) whereby I do not have to manually find each individual location ID and the value.  

However since each location ID is a unique 6-character label and they have randomly asked for 80, I think it is not possible to do. That is, don't I need some criteria to be able to query or sort that.

Thank you in advance

You're right, trying to select random records with this table would be very difficult if not impossible. But the solution is simple, add an outnumber field to the table and generate 80 random numbers within the range. If you can't modify the table, create a temp table with an outnumber and run an append query.

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