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I have this database I'm working on and I want the Primary No. to be generated as eg. POIN-IN-01234. Can this be done using any kind of code? If so can you send me the code?

ANSWER: It's possible, but it will require some programming. START HERE.

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QUESTION: Hi again,

Thanks for your response, but I think I did not explain myself clearly. What I really wanted was a way, if there's one, to auto-generate an alphanumeric number with a prefix like in [POIN-IN-01234]. The numeric part should be incremented but the prefix remains constant for each new ID. Can this be done?

Thanks again.

You can use an AutoNumber which starts at 1 and counts up. If you then want to use a query to add some kind of an alphanumeric prefix, you can certainly do that, but Access will not do this WITHOUT some programming or at least some query/form concatenation. Access will not do this by itself.

The bigger question is WHY do you need to do this? Are you trying to maintain some kind of consistency with an older paper system?

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