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Hello Expert,
I am designing a database for a library and have some questions:

1.  I have created a field called item type and need it to show the following text:

New Release (ItemReleaseDate>=01/01/2013)
OR Weekly (ItemReleaseDate<01/01/2013)

2. I have created a field called LoanDate, I have also created a field called Return Date which needs to show the following:
=[LoanDate] +7 (weekly) OR =[LoanDate] +3 (new release)

Your help is greatly appreciated

Kind Regards

1. You do not need a field for this. This is a calculated value and should not be stored in your database. Add a control on your form with a controlsource of:

=IIF([ItemReleaseDate]>=#1/1/13#,"New Release","Weekly")

or add a column to a query:

Item Type: IIF([ItemReleaseDate]>=#1/1/13#,"New Release","Weekly")

2. Return date should be used to record the actual date the item was returned. What you are talking about here is a due date. Again, since this is a calculation, then it should not be stored. The following expression can be used to display a Due Date:


This expression will return a date 3 days from the loan date for new releases or 7 days from weekly releases. You can use that expression wherever you need to display the due date.

Hope this helps,
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