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QUESTION: I was using MS Access 2003 with Windows XP, I made a Program on MS Access 2003 for Files Entry and Status followup put it on Sharing Folder and it was working perfect, multiple users can open the program at the same time from their pc's to add/update their files.

Now the IT Department upgraded all the PC's to Windows 7 and Office 2010, the program is still working but ONE USER CAN USE THE PROGRAM AT A TIME, ON THE OTHER PC THE PROGRAM IS NOT OPENING UNTIL THE FIRST USER EXIT.

Please advise if there is way to setup it for multiple users.

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ANSWER: By default Access is multi-user. So you need to look at how users are opening the file.

However, ANY multi-user app NEEDS to be split between back end (tables) and Front End (everything else). The back end should go in a network share and the front ends installed locally for each user.

Setting that up will prevent the conflicts.

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QUESTION: Thanks for your prompt answer, you are right if the back end and front end are separate it works perfect but it is slow to open, BUT earlier in my XP with 2003 office the front and back together in one file worked perfect for multi-users. BUT now in Office 2010 not working, is there any way to solve this?

Thanks again

I do NOT recommend sharing an unsplit application. This is an invitation to corruption. It should not be that much slower to open. Maybe you need to look at what happens when it opens.

You need to look at how the app is launched, maybe something is happening that opens in exclusive mode. But I strongly recommend that you split it. Besides possible corruption there are many other advantages to splitting.

Hope this helps,
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