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Using MS Access/creating a drop down list in a query


I am try to let the uses run a report with a drop down list.  After making a form with a drop down list from a table.  I put the criteria in the query as:

=[Forms]![FRM Body_Part_Affected_FRM]![Body Part Affected]

When I run the query I just get brackets with [Forms]![FRM Body_Part_Affected_FRM]![Body Part Affected] No drop down list appears please help me.  Thanks

If by "drop down list" you mean COMBO BOX, then make sure the NAME of your combo box is "Body Part Affected" without the quotes. Personally, I'd prefer that you don't use SPACES in your object names... it eliminates the need for all of the square-brackets. See this tutorial for help with this topic: GETTING QUERY CRITERIA FROM AN OPEN FORM.

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