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One function of my Ms Access 2010 DB is to do a quarterly report on student's progress. I have a table that contains several ratings for several students and I have a qry that extracts several results for a student for a period of time and this is the source for a report.  This all works well, however, I want to include a 'general comment' field about the students progress in the report footer.  I can't work out how/where to store this field - how I can relate it to the report should I need to reprint this report again.

Would appreciate any suggestions. :)

I would need to see your table structure to tell you the BEST way to set something like this up, but I would set up a StudentNotes table that was basically a date/time field and a memo field (and of course your foreign key field to link it to the student). You could put the notes in there, and then pull it into your report as a subreport. There are a million different ways to do this.

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