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Hi Scott,

We made a workbook in excel last year which contains a picture of an equipment layout as a background, with shapes on top of the picture (circles and squares) representing the equipment. When you click on these shapes, a hyperlink brings you to another excel workbook containing detailed info on the piece of equipment clicked on. The operators love the system because they don't know any of the equipment codes or names, just what the layout looks like, so they can go in and easily find the info they require.

There are huge problems with the excel system so we are switching to access. This should keep everything nice and simple, however, I haven't yet figured out a way to recreate the setup of the excel workbook that allows you to visually locate equipment.

My thinking is that there must be a way to draw circles and rectangles on to a form, and have these shapes bring you to a different form or report when clicked. I've been able to do something close to this by creating buttons which can bring you to a different form, but being able to draw and hyperlink a unique shape is really what I am looking for.

Another option that I am thinking is to keep the excel workbook with the equipment pictures and hyperlinks and have it hyperlink to a form or report in access, but for this application, access would then have to receive the name of the object and run a query based on the object name. I'm fairly new to access and haven't exactly figured out how to implement this. If I could keep everything to access, including pictures, that would be ideal but I do understand that excel may be necessary.

How would you go about implementing this?


Very easy. A form is a collection of controls. Almost all controls have On Click events. So whatever code you have in the On Click event of the button, can go in the On Click event of an image control that displays a picture.

Also, if you are using Access 2007 or later, you can make buttons take on several different types of shapes. This is done under the Format ribbon in Design mode.

Hope this helps,

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