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Using MS Access/Report data columns, but major groups not in columns


I need to build a report for an index I've created in Access 2007. Each major index field (let's call it "Category") has a random number of sub-categories (let's call these "SubCategory") between 1 and maybe 100+ assigned to it. When I generate the report, I need each "Category" to be grouped on it's own line (grouping by "Category"), but then I need the detail for each "Category" to show up in 3 columns. My underlying query would sort the records for me, so that would not necessarily need to be addressed in the report, although I could add a grouping on the "SubCategory" name.

Any ideas?

I'm thinking maybe creating a concatenated text string through VBA with "SubCategory" values having an ASCII tab in between values 1 and 2 and an ASCII Line feed after each third record, and a special character after the last "SubCategory" entry to signify the end of that group. Then, I would need to somehow display this string in the detail. The detail would then look like "SubCategory1" + <TAB> + "SubCategory2" + <TAB> +"SubCategory3" + <Line Feed> for every three records associated with each "Category".

Does this sound feasible or is there a better way to display the detail of the report in columns, but not the grouping areas?

So you want something like this:

SubCat1          SubCat2          Subcat3
Subcat4          SubCat5          Subcat6

SubCat1          SubCat2          Subcat3

Then set your Detail band to display 3 columns using across then Down. This is done in the Page Setup.

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