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I have the following in a 2003 query.

NGI: IIf([New Grp Code]="Y","B",IIf([New Grp Code]="N","R",IIf([New Grp Code]="A","B",IIf([New Grp Code]="E","B",[New Grp Code])))))

We are converting to 2013 and when I run the query in 2013  I get an error that expression is typed incorrectly, too complex and too many complicated elements.

Could you please give me a suggestion or answer of what the issue maybe.

Thanks you

Well, you've got 4 open parentheses and 5 closing parentheses. That's probably your problem. Aside from that, it looks OK to me. This stuff hasn't changed from 2003 to 2013.

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