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My question is how to put this formula in access to get same result as spreadsheet.
Please explained me step by step how can I put in formula in microsoft access, I know this formula how to use in spreadsheet but I am trying to use in access but it is not working.
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When dealing with Access you need to get rid of the spreadsheet mentality. Access is not a spreadsheet. It does not use Rows and columns, it uses records and fields.

So the expression says:

If a value is a zero length string then use a different value, otherwise use the value.

There are several places you could put it, depending on where you want the result to show.

If you want the value to display in the results of s query, you would add a column:

alias: IIF(fieldname1<>"",fieldnsame1,fieldname2)

If you want it displayed in a form you would set the controlsourcve of a text box to:


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