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Using MS Access/Access 2007 Combo Box Lookup Followup question


I put txtFilter in the Control Source field and get an error message:

Invalid control property:  control source
No such field in the field list

ANSWER: No, not the Controlsource, the Name. On the Other tab. The controlsource should be left blank.

The controlsource of a control is either a field in the Form's Recordsource, an expression that displays a value or just left Unbound.

So this should be an unbound form with a Name of txtFilter. If you didn't name it, then Access can't find it.

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[an error occurred while processing this directive]---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I'm beginning to think I should just give up.  I can type in the text box and a parameter box pops up, type in there but nothing happens.

I now have the txtFilter in the correct location.

And the combo box row source is now:

SELECT ID, [Company/Foundation] FROM [Contact Demographics] WHERE [Company/Foundation] Like "*" & Forms!Development_Data_Entry!txtFilter & "*;";

It keeps auto adding an extra ; at the end

Sorry, leave off the ; inside the quotes.

But if the parameter box still pops up then something is wrong.

Can you upload a copy of your DB? You can upload to a shared space like SkyDrive. Or, if you want, you can post to the Access forum at and attach a zipped copy of the DB.

Hope this helps,

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