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QUESTION: I have two combo boxes which are set up first one category, second one subcategory. When the selection in the first is changed the second (subcategory) correctly changes to list only the few items available. I cannot though, select anything from the list in the second combo even though I can see the choices.

ANSWER: What is the controlsource of the second combo?

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QUESTION: the control source for both boxes are blank. The row source for both boxes are as follows -

Category (combo1):
SELECT [Supplier Category table].CategoryID, [Supplier Category table].CategoryName, [Supplier Category table].SupplierID FROM [Supplier Category table] ORDER BY [Supplier Category table].CategoryName;

Subcategory (combo2):
SELECT [Supplier Subcategory table].SubcategoryID, [Supplier Subcategory table].SubcategoryName, [Supplier Subcategory table].CategoryID FROM [Supplier Subcategory table] WHERE ((([Supplier Subcategory table].CategoryID)=[Forms]![Addition Request Form]![cat comb])) ORDER BY [Supplier Subcategory table].SubcategoryName;

One table (Suppliers) and one form (Suppliers/Subcontractors) were made up originally before these combo boxes were required hence two new underlying tables with basic category and subcategory info.

ANSWER: If its an unbound combo then it should be selectable. Is the locked property set to yes?

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QUESTION: No they're both set to No

I don't have a clue why the second combo shouldn't be selectable. The only thing I can suggest at this point is to upload a copy of your database. You can post at where you can attach a zipped copy. Or post it to a cloud storage like SkyDrive and send me a link.

Include a synopsis of the situation and the name of the form causing the problem.


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