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Hi there,
Just wondering if I can add text to an autonumber field kind of like a default value based on criteria.  For example, If I purchase something from province A, I would like the the field to show: A-0001.  (The format of the autonumber field has been set to 0000 for the purpose of showing 4 digits.)  I know I can simply type in "A"-0001 to show a format in the field, but if I choose to purchase something from province B, then I would like that field to show: B-0001.  I was thinking I could have a control on the form that would allow the user to choose the province, then the autonumber field would show the letter that represents the province that has been chosen.  Is this possible?  If so, how do I achieve this?  Thanks so much for your help.  It is appreciated as always.  Have a great day!! Carla  :)

Each field in a table should be a separate piece of info. This is part of the first law of normalization. So yes, you would add a field for province and you could display the combination using an expression like:

=Province & "-" & Format(autonumberfield,"0000")

However, if you want to number each province separately this will not work, since you cannot have duplicate autonumbers. So if you want one record to show B-0001 and another to show A-0001, you cannot use an autonumber.

In my blog I have an article on Sequential Numbering which discusses just how to do numbering within a grouping. Please review the blog for details.

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