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Hi Scott,
I have a question about dependent combo boxes.  In the past I have successfully set these up, but this one I am not so sure will work properly.  I want to have three combo boxes on my form, the fist will contain the section, the second will contain the fiscal year and the third will contain the sequential number that is assigned to a purchase order. (Thanks so much for your help with the numbering, it is working perfectly.).  I am just wondering if there are thousands of purchases for each fiscal year, how do I write that.  When I did this before, I had tables that contained the data that was necessary for each box.  the first table contained the country, the second contained the country and the province, and the third contained the the country, the provinces and the cities.  This was easy as there are only so many of each to choose from. There was an end to each list.  With this, There really is no end as the numbers in the last combo box will be generated all of the time.  There will be a 0001 for 2014 and a 0001 for 2015 and so on.  Hope you can shed a little light on this for me.  Thanks so much!!  As you know, your help is always very much appreciated.  Carla  :)

It works the same way. But your Rowsources change. I'm assuming you have a lookup table for Sections. That would be the Rowsource of the first combo. Do you have a lookup for Fiscal Year? Also I'm not sure there is a need to filter the fiscal year by section. But the third combo would filter by the selection on the other 2. I would use the Got focus event to requery the third combo so it only shows #s for the selected section and year.  

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