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Sue wrote at 2014-02-26 10:20:14
Further information to my initial email re images not displaying setup is as follows.... I have a tabbed form which is part of a navigation form and one of the forms on the tabbed form contains an image (ParticipantImage) and a txt field (ParticipantPhotoLocation) that contains network path and file name for image for each client.

I have some code attached to 'On current' of this form that states the following:

Private Sub Form_Current()

  If Not IsNull(Me.ParticipantPhotoLocation) Then

    Me.ParticipantImage.Picture = Me.ParticipantPhotoLocation


    Me.ParticipantPhotoLocation = "S:DSSGeneralClientsClientPhotosdatabasephotosDefaultphoto.jpg"

  End If

End Sub

My issue is that all other users that share this database (split database) can see the images as they should appear but I cannot - space where image should be is blank.  I am the only person who modifies the DB in any way.  The path is correct. If it wasn't no one else would be able to see images.

Sue wrote at 2014-03-04 07:23:16
Hi Scott

I stumbled across the answer to my issue with images not displaying......I checked the trusted location settings and cleared the existing settings and re-established the directory and images reappeared....happy to have the answer.  Still not quite sure why everyone else was ok except me the end of the day I am happy with the result.

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