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Hi Scottgem

Hoping you can help with annoying problem in my database.  Beware I am a newbie!

I have a tabbed master form to allow entry of client data.  When I request a new record using navigation bttns or command button with vba I get same vba error msg stating:

'run time error 94, invalid use of null

when I select debug  I am shown vba code that links 2 fields on the client page: an image called ParticipantImage and a txt box  called ParticipantPhoto that has location of image file on network.

debug highlights second line in code below:

Private Sub Form_Current()

   ParticipantImage.Picture = ParticipantPhoto
End Sub

Can you see anything obvious that is causing my problem?  

Kind rgds Sue

The error message tells you the problem. When you go to a new record there is no data in the record. So no value for ParticipantPhoto so it defaults to Null. You can't assign a Null value to the Picture property of an image control.

Change your code to:

If NOT IsNull(Me.ParticipantPhoto) Then
   Me.ParticipantImage.Picture = Me.ParticipantPhoto
End If

You don't need the Me qualifier but I prefer to use it to make it clear I'm referring to a control on a form rather than a variable.

You can extend this by adding an ELSE clause which assigns a default image to the image control. I use an image that shows "Picture not available". But that's up to you.

Hope this helps,

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