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Using MS Access/Combo Box suddenly stops working


Hi Scott,

First of all, thanks so much for your help.  I have a couple of questions..

First, I have a combo box that is on a main form that also has a subform.  For no apparent reason the combo box stops working.  I will select a value from it, and it won't find the correct record in the subform.  It can find the record numerous times, then all of a sudden nothing.  Any ideas?

Also, the values in this combo box have an input mask that is set on them in the underlying table and also in the combo box itself.  The values don't always appear as they should in the input mask.  They appear perfectly in the table, but not in the combo box.  Any ideas on why this is?

Thanks so much for your help.  I really appreciate it.
Carla  :)

First, Input masks only apply to text fields. If you use a combobox, you have to format the selection in the RoSource of the combo.

Second has to why a selection doesn't always bring up matching records in the subform, may be an issue of the input mask. The data may not be stored the same. I would have to see the RowSource and bound column of the combo and the Recordsource of the subform with sample data

Hope this helps,

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