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What is the best thing to do in order to export all the components of an Access 2007 application (tables, queries, forms, reports) to another programming language.
I've created the application and used it and now I need to export all these components or at least the tables/queries to another programming language.
Thank you in advance.

You won't be able to do anything with forms and reports except print them out to try to replicate them. If there is any VBA coding used, you can copy and paste from the code modules into Notepad. Depending on the programming language you are using, you may be able to copy and paste into your coding environment then modify instead of a complete rewrite.

Queries you can also view in SQL View and copy and paste into Notepad. Again, copying and pasting them into the new programming environment and modify. Your SQL statements may require less modification than VBA code.

Your tables may be directly importable into whatever database engine you will now be using. In fact you may still be able just link to them in the accdb file.

Access is different from almost every other development platform because it contains ALL the pieces; data store, UI development, report writing, programming language, in a single package. The likelihood is that you will not be using a single platform for the next version. For example, you may be using vb.Net for programming an UI, another tool for reporting and a third tool for your data store.

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