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Hi Scott,
I have split a database.  The front end is saved as an accde file.  I need to view my one of my forms in design view to make a slight change.  Is this possible?  I saved a back-up of the database before I split it, but the split database has already been distributed to users so I didn't want to go that route if I didn't have to.  The form shows to the side on some monitors instead of the middle,  I wanted to change this so that it shows in the middle on all.  Thanks so much!!
Carla  :)

You can't make design changes to the accde. You MUST keep a copy of the original accdb used to create the accde. Then make your changes to that, create a new accde and deploy the new accde.

I use to deploy my apps. The way it works, I place a new version on a server after making changes. When the user launches the app, the server is checked for the current version and if there is a new one its downloaded transparent to the user.

Hope this helps,
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