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Thanks for your reply Scott
I need the ICMS_PSTN_EXCLUDE_CUST_NUMBER as it needs to exclude results which have that customer number in them

Let me explain what I expect the query to do
Table 1- ICMS_PSTN - This contains the PSTN records for the ICMS system
TABLE 2 - ICMS_SIEBEL - This contains the PSTN records for the Siebel system
TABLE 3 - ICMS_PSTN_EXCLUDE_CUST_NUMBER - These customers need to be excluded from the results

The query goes like this - Unmatched query based on customer number on Table 1 and Table 2 and based on the results it should exclude the results of all customer numbers in table3 - Hence the table is very important.

Also it is very strange I am not getting any emails from all experts hence cant rate or do a follow up question.

Appreciate your help!

Again, that is what the subquery does. You don't need to include Table 3 as a join because you use the subquery to do the exclusion.

Not sure why you aren't getting e-mails. You can log in to do see your questions to do followup and ratings.

Hope this helps,

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