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Hi Richard,

I used Access several years ago (version 2000) and now working on a small project for my golf club using Access 2007.  I have created a table with playing history for 50 or so players.  I now want to create a REPORT that I can provide to each player summarizing their playing history.

I have created 5 queries that extract the data I need.  Now I want to create a report using data from each query.  The report will be for individual players.  Basically, I want to enter a name and have a report created for that player using data from each query.

I have a Acess manual but it doesn't seen to touch on my problem.

Can you provide some quidance on the approach to use?

Thank you.


I'd have to see how your queries are set up to tell you exactly what to do, but it sounds like you just need to join them all together and then create an AGGREGATE QUERY or a report with GROUPING LEVELS. Books are great, but if you don't know WHAT you're looking for, they're not much help.

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