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First I use Windows 7 with Access 2010. I created a simple database that only I update (so there are no forms). But now I have been asked by my supervisor to create 2 databases that will require forms and data entry from others. This is completely different from my first database and I am starting to get very agitated. Problems like generating an automatic number (date "YYYY" "-" sequential number resetting every Jan 1st "000") or just how to create "steps" (undetermined amount) on a form and how to link that to tables. I have read your blog on sequential numbering, and still cant determine what to do. I am to the point now that I am getting more confused the deeper I look into this. So I was just wondering if you could recommend a good book for Access 2010 (not just an "Access for Dummies") that delves into more intricate details of Access and gives a lot of examples, definitely something that covers macros, expressions and code builder. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

ANSWER: First, unless you are developing WEB apps, I would shy away from macros. If you want to use VBA code, I recommend my book:

VBA has not changed appreciably since 2007, so everything in the book will apply to 2010.

Some other good books are:

What didn't you understand about sequential numbering? If you can ask some specific questions I'll try to answer them.

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QUESTION: I am such a newbie to Access (especially forms) that you would have to basically start from the beginning and step by step the whole procedure (I am confused on bound and unbound, control source, where to input the "Me.txt...", etc.). I have the form looking "pretty", unfortunately nothing works. The fields in the form do not update the table, I am not sure if the combo box fields are correctly done (values come from query), there is a subform so I can have an undetermined amount of fields and when I input in one of the combo boxes it fills out the next one automatically and both boxes have to be the same, can not figure out how to get the sequential number to work...but the date works. Since my supervisor has given me this new task, I have been trying to read forums, and ask people I know...and all that is doing is confusing my about everything (going back to how to set up tables). It seems like everyone has a different opinion about everything. I have noticed you in more than one forum topic and you seem knowledgeable, so I thought I would ask about what books would help guide me down ONE path.

You have been a great help, thanks,
Chuck M.

Another good book that you might consider is this one:

It is concentrated.

But some brief explanations. Access is an object oriented platform. Everything is an object and objects are manipulated by changing their properties. So a form object has a Recordsource property. When that property is set to a table, query or SQL statement it is considered to be Bound. Similarly Controls (on forms or reports) have a ControlSource property. If the ControlSource is set to a field in a table, its considered to be bound.

When a form is bound Access handles the Input/Output between the form and the table. If its Unbound, you have to write code to handle the I/O. So, in your case, I would recommend using bound forms as much as possible. I suspect the reason you are entering data into a form and its not updating the table is because you didn't bind the form.

Use the Form wizard to build your forms initially (same for the Report wizard). The wizards are good and generally helpful and save you a lot of time by building a good foundation that you can then modify.

Access is also an Event driven platform. Things happen when events are triggered. So most code is entered into an event of an object. For example, the After Update or On Click events are triggered when a control's value is updated or you click on a control.

There are many ways to skin a cat so some people prefer one way to another. But ythere are also best practices and most online helpers for Access agree on those, especially most of the MVPs.

You might suggest to your boss that if he wants you to do this work, you need some training and go to a 3-5 day class for Beginners and another for advanced Access.

Hope this helps,
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