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Using MS Access/Applying Date Stamp to file name without VBA



Using 2010, skill level is intermediate. The limited knowledge I had on VBA has long been for gotten. Have not used it in over 10 years.

Trying to create a Macro. One piece that I am having a problem is renaming the excel output file. Want to have a date stamp on the file (DailyFile_063014.xlsx). I can write the query to get the date stamp. I think I populated the setTempVar. But I can't figure out how to concatenate it to the file.

Any suggestions/ ideas?



Depending on where you put it, the code will look like:

X = "DailyFile_" & Format(Date(),"mmddyy")

If it's a query field:

X: "DailyFile_" & Format(Date(),"mmddyy")

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