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QUESTION: Hello Scottgem,

My Name is Niswatun, I'm trying to bulid database system in my company. I already made all the tables , forms, queries but I found difficulties to make a report. I want to make a report like a bill in restaurant or supermarket system, so whenever people registering their data, I can give them the report of their data.

Hope hear from you soon.

Best Regards,

Niswatun Faria

ANSWER: First step is to create a query that includes all the data you want in your report. Don't worry is data is repeated in rows as long as you have all the data.

Then use the Report Wizard to start to build the report. Set the main piece of data as a grouping level Then add the other detail fields. After the foundation is generated, modify the report the way you want it, adding data to the group header as needed.

Sorry I can't be more specific, but without knowing what you actual data looks like or what the app is for, I can't be more detailed.

Hope this helps,
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---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you. The bill what I want is like a bill at restaurant. When people order some menu, they receive information about what they ordered. The report is just for that customer, not all the data.

I fully understand that. That's common. So my answer still stands. You still want to add a grouping level, so the info about the customer appears once in the group header and the details of what they purchased show in the Detail band. I will add that to restrict the report to a specific customer, you can either set criteria in your query for just the one customer or use the WHERE clause of the OpenReport method to restrict the report to that one customer.

Hope this helps,
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